About the Book

Weeping Willow, as you'll find out from the back of the book, is a true story about a young girl's journey after tragically losing one of her siblings. She learns through many trials and tribulations how to live without someone who was once a part of her every day life. You'll become engulfed in the emotions, reading through each page as if you were being personally told her story, and relating it to your own life.

The writing style for Weeping Willow is simple, straightforward, and includes the audience within the text. It's an easy read, as the chapters are real short (between 2 and 3 pages) and are titled rather than numbered. Underneath each title has an impressionable quote that summarizes the overall feeling for that particular chapter.

With Weeping Willow, you'll find comfort, peace of mind, be inspired and learn something new about yourself. Open Weeping Willow and begin a journey you'll always remember.